Financial Planning

Do you know how you’re going to build your wealth? Are you prepared for retirement? Can you support your family if you were to get hurt and lose your income for a period of time? Or what if something tragic should happen to you? How will you financially protect your family in such a situation?

These are the things financial planning takes into consideration and helps you get ready for. It’s your overall plan, covering all the things you will do in your life, financially speaking. You can build your financial plan on your own, but if you have family, real estate, assets or other investments to worry about, you should seek the help of a CPA. A CPA can act as an independent reviewer of your current financial advisor.

Dawn James, CPA & Co., P.A. has a decades-long history of working with both businesses and individuals, and can help you with your financial planning needs.

Some of the financial planning areas Dawn James, CPA & Co., P.A. can help you with are:

  • Estate planning
  • Investment management
  • Retirement planning
  • Tax planning
  • Business planning
  • Insurance management
  • Diability Management

By planning out your life and business finances, you can:

  • Set both short term and long term goals
  • Make a plan to achieve those financial goals
  • Evaluate, and improve, your current financial situation
  • Make beneficial decisions regarding your investments, assets and liabilities
  • Rest assured that your family will be taken care of if something should happen to you
  • Have confidence knowing that you know where you are going in your life

Dawn James CPA & Co., P.A. is conveniently located in Towson Baltimore area, and can help you make the best decisions for you about your finances and your future. We guide you through making logical and practical choices that will help you achieve your life, business and financial goals. It’s about more than just picking the right investment or IRA. It’s about your money and the future of your family.

Let’s plan your financial future together. Schedule your free, no-obligation initial consultation call with Dawn by calling 410-769-8866 today.